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With our Group Fitness, we aim to offer you diversity, whilst delivering progressive programs, keeping you motivated and on track to smash those goals.

With all classes designed by our professional Team, Screen prompted, Boxing and True HIIT, you will see results in strength, fitness, function and of course aesthetics.

ZUU Fitness


FH Functional Classes are screen prompted and led by Professionals helping you improve fitness and performance. With a wide range of class formats, you will never get bored of Functional Training at FH.

Functional training helps you lead an injury-free life. It helps you gain and maintain health, stability, strength, and mobility, whilst complementing athletic performance.

There are a number of basic human movements that the body should be able to do, and which maintain a range of motion or mobility, while keeping muscles, bones, weight and body systems healthy. They include: pulling, pushing, squatting, hinging, carrying, rotating, jumping, throwing and numerous gait patterns (walking, running etc). The aim of functional exercise classes, should therefore be, to improve these primary movement patterns in relation to the human body's natural health, capabilities in correlation with daily activities, and or sporting performance.


FH Kickboxing has been a favourite for years, with a high energy workout, combining martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio, and strength exercises.

Experienced instructors demonstrate and instruct you through isolated and combination strikes of kicks, punches, knees and elbows on bags and pads.

It’s a great way to stay fit and strong, whilst burning energy, relieving stress, improving coordination, flexibility and overall staying in shape.

Every session is a full body workout, core, legs, upper body, speed, strength, endurance and fitness. Train hard in this class and you’ll burn serious calories. Eat right in combination with these classes, and you have a winning ticket for weight loss.


FH HIIT delivers true High-Intensity Interval Training, just as the name intended. HIIT Training is intense, short, unsustainable bursts of physical activity which are paired with active and or short rest intervals. This results in the body burning calories at a faster rate, up to 48–72 hours post workout.

Our HIIT sessions are all about preserving and in some cases gaining functional muscle whilst losing weight and improving performance.

HIIT training can also be more effective than some medicines, to maintain a healthy heart. These workouts can have a considerable positive impact on blood pressure.



We are very excited to be launching our ZUU sessions at FH, but we are even more excited to see Marvin joining our team and spreading the ZUU way with our community.

  What is ZUU?  

ZUU is a High-Intensity but Low-Impact bodyweight training method that uses Primal Move Patterns. ZUU brings back the mobility human beings lose whilst living sedentary lives. The Global Fitness Phenomenon of Bodyweight Training was created in Australia by Nathan Helberg over a decade ago, for Elite Sports & Armed Forces, the ZUU system is now used in over 68 countries and growing!

  Why We're Bringing ZUU Classes to FH  

The main reason for bringing ZUU to FH is because of its unique culture; ZUU focuses on people first and fitness second. The three main ZUU pillars that Marvin of Green Chimp Fitness applies are Culture, Injury Prevention and Mental Fitness, which are all key factors that we share as Industry Professionals.