A lot of clients ask me about workout plans / outlines. So here’s a guide on how to structure your weekly workouts to cover your bases evenly.As a rule of thumb, if you train full body, you should take at least 1 recovery day between resistanceworkouts. If you train Upper body or one major muscle […]

High-intensity interval training is a workout trend that hasn’t stopped gaining momentum for over a decade, and for good reason: it works. Although it may sound intimidating to some people, some recent studies have shown that it’s a pretty enjoyable experience, overall.  This is not to say that other forms of exercise are inefficient. On […]

This was sent to me by a guy I trained in 2017 who was working in the head of education for South Australia – which has stuck with me. Twenty years ago, in Nashville , Tennessee , during the first week of January, 1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches descended upon theOpryland Hotel for the […]

After reading and understanding what we need for great sleep, we’re wrapping up our final part of Character Strengths. 6. Transcendence: Well, here we are! The final instalment of our journey to understand, learn more of and hopefully foster the 24 character strengths that make up our personalities and have profound effects on the way […]

I can make you sleep – Paul McKenna A technique for reducing stress (p104) Rather than trying not to think about a stressful situation, try this: Bring the situation to mind like a short video. Step out from the image to view yourself and every one from a short distance. Float yourself further away so […]

I can make you sleep – Paul McKenna The following is my personal review of this book. As a PT, information around training, nutrition, recovery and mindset are relevant in my providing optimal client success. I simply cherry pick parts of books that I find relevant to these topics, that I occasionally pass onto my […]

So, we’ve looked at how our sense of “Justice” directly influences our goals. Increases our motivation and if utilised properly, conditions our teamwork skills therefore affecting our commitment levels to achieve those goals. Now we need to back up those skills with some self-regulation. Having an understanding of things that cause us the negative emotions […]

Last month we had a look at how our “Humanity” is associated with enhanced life satisfaction. Part 4’s character strength looks at how our sense of justice and our leadership attributes can directly influence our goals by increasing our motivation, conditioning our teamwork skills and affecting our commitment. Apply this to your training (and your […]

It happens to the best of us. The pandemic has changed the way we do just about everything, but what is your excuse to have dropped back on working out? It helps to “know your enemy”, i.e. Ourselves! Why do we procrastinate? Personal Trainer not a good fit (or no PT at all!) Not happy […]

In the August Newsletter we looked at unlocking your full potential, both in training and in life, by having a look at the second ’Virtue’ Classification: “Wisdom”. Next up: 3. Humanity Social Understanding: Our skill set and our perception of what makes people tick, our awareness of others’ feelings and motivations, is indicative of our […]