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24 Character Strengths (Part 3 )

September 1, 2022

In the August Newsletter we looked at unlocking your full potential, both in training and in life, by having a look at the second ’Virtue’ Classification: “Wisdom”. Next up:

3. Humanity

  • Social Understanding: Our skill set and our perception of what makes people tick, our awareness of others’ feelings and motivations, is indicative of our social intelligence and awareness. It allows us to feel at ease in multiple social situations, knowing we will say the right thing and act appropriately regardless of whether we are exposed to a work space, our childrens school, or our local watering hole. Our “Social Awareness: is what we sense about others”, our “Social Facility: is what we do with our awareness”. Developing our social abilities, acknowledging both others emotions and our own, engages us in occasions to meet new people, step outside our comfort zones and being open to enjoying new experiences. It’s also “connected with better mental and physical health, work performance and social relationships.”
  • Kindness: This is our generosity of spirit. Our understanding of sympathy and empathy. Our ability to perform good deeds, believing that people are generally worthy of our attention to their pain and struggles. Kind individuals give freely of their time, talent and where possible, money. They are deeply considerate of the well-being of others and have amazing listening skills. They have highly developed Morals and a sense of “social responsibility”. When we exercise Kindness we are well liked, affording us more meaningful relationships and the experience of genuine love, nurturing and being nurtured in return without expectation.
  • Love: If we remove the emotion; love as a character strength defines how we view our closest relationships and how we foster that intimacy and affection. We must love in a genuine way and develop the ability to accept love as mutual, both giving and receiving.

There are 4 types of love:

  1. Attachment love: parent for child; child for parent
  2. Compassionate/altruistic love: kindness
  3. Companionate love: friendship
  4. Romantic love: spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend

Love tends to facilitate tolerance, empathy, and forgiveness in relationships, which contribute to the health and longevity of those relationships. It is one of five strengths most associated with enhanced life satisfaction.”

Stay Tuned For Next Month’s Blog (Part 4) “Justice”

Until Then – See You At Fitness Habitat!

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