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Fitness Habitat is the ideal place to get fit and healthy. We offer group fitness, functional resistance training, boxing, HIIT and cardio gym equipment to achieve your goals. You can even take as many classes as you want – with no limit! Our community encourages everyone from beginner to elite athletes, so everyone will feel welcome at Fitness Habitat.

Plus, our team of professional fitness instructors are always available to help if needed. So what are you waiting for? Get started today at Fitness Habitat!

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Why come to Fitness Habitat?

Looking for a gym that offers more than just the traditional weightlifting and cardio machines?

Fitness Habitat Gym offers a range of group fitness classes led by experienced and professional trainers. Plus, traditional resistance and cardio fitness equipment to use. With access all day and no limit on the number of group fitness classes you can do as part of your membership – it’s like having two gym memberships in one! Which is why many fitness enthusiasts in the local area have chosen to relocate from gyms in Modbury and nearby suburbs like Giles Plains.

So whether you’re looking to get fit for the first time or you’re an experienced gym-goer, Fitness Habitat Gym near Windsor Gardens has something for everyone.

Group Fitness Classes

Fitness Habitat uses screen-led fitness classes, a gym workout that involves following exercise routines shown on a screen with an instructor guiding you through the exercises. We have group fitness classes ranging from kickboxing to HIIT and functional training.

If you’re looking for a gym with a wide range of group fitness classes, then look no further than Fitness Habitat Gym near Windsor Gardens! Our team of professional trainers are highly experienced and can help you progress and achieve any fitness goal.

And best of all – our welcoming community atmosphere makes working out more enjoyable – perfect if you’re new to gyms!

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Our Group Class Options Include:

Functional Training

HIIT Training