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Fitness habitat Gym Holden hill

Feeling guilty about not going to the gym as often as you’d like?

Fitness Habitat is the perfect solution for you! We offer a variety of group fitness classes that are fun and engaging, so you’ll never get bored. Plus, our team of highly experienced and certified instructors can help you achieve your fitness goals.

You’ll love our community atmosphere that is encouraging and non-judgemental. And there is no cap on the amount of group fitness classes you can do as part of your membership – so you can get fit at your own pace.

Sign up for a FREE trial today and see for yourself how Fitness Habitat can help you reach your fitness goals!

Fitness habitat – a unique offer

Why Choose Fitness Habitat in Holden Hill?

Fitness Habitat Gym Holden Hill is unique in the gym industry – offering group fitness classes, functional training, and traditional gym training on ONE MEMBERSHIP!

Benefits of screen-led fitness classes in Holden Hill

Fitness Habitat is an engaging and dynamic gym combining group fitness classes with traditional gym workouts catered for your individual experience.

What is a screen-led fitness class?

The main elements of a screen-led fitness class are:

Our unique fitness classes are changing the way many people in the local area train, with many of our members also choosing to train at Fitness Habitat from nearby Adelaide suburbs Giles Plains and Windsor Gardens. Screen led fitness classes by Fitness Habitat have many benefits, including:

Our Group Class Options Include:

Functional Training

HIIT Training


Fitness Habitat – more than just a gym!