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24 Character Strengths (Part 2)

August 2, 2022

  1. Wisdom

  • Judgement: Are you open minded? Rational? How do we assess and express our beliefs, truth (facts) and weigh evidence impartially? Not jumping to any conclusions and thinking things through allows us to avoid damaged thinking and incorrect popular views. People that foster the capacity for unbiased thought are more accurate decision makers, are adaptable to multiple perspectives and therefore solutions- and are skilled in dealing with transition and change.

  • Creativity: When you create – is it useful? Unique actions and ideas are only creative when applied and working. The two ingredients vital to creativity are adaptiveness and originality. This allows a Positive contribution when the idea or behaviour is applied. Creative people are self-assured, feel at home in a diverse range of circumstances and adjust easily to confrontation and pain.

  • Perspective: Do you sweat the small stuff? Can’t see the wood for the trees? Our viewpoint can either enable or disable our power to look at the whole, reflect on the bigger issues and entertain multiple vantages before decision making. People with wide perspective are valued and sought for trusted advice, as they collect a deeper knowledge base and learn from both the strengths and the mistakes of others.

  • Love Of Learning: Are you passionate about knowledge? Can’t wait to seek out more information? Learning for learnings’ sake is the way in which people strive to increase their expertise and intelligence. Curiosity motivates us to seek out new information, but the love of learning inspires us to strengthen our knowledge base. It allows us to ignore and move forward through upsets, criticisms and complications. It is also most closely related to productive and healthy aging!

  • Curiosity: Do you have a habitual inclination to seek answers? Are you open to new experiences? Curious people are explorers. They find gratification in sourcing new facts and engaging in the expansion of their personal knowledge. Taking pride and pleasure in the journey, Curiosity is one of the Five Key Strengths most linked to Life Satisfaction. It is connected to Health, Longevity, Fulfilling Relationships and Happiness!

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